Dog and cats grooming

In the center we offer a careful and accurate grooming service for both guests who arrived at the end of their stay both for external customers who want to take care of their 4-legged friend.                 
The services we offer to your dog friend are really many and are all needed, depending on the individual needs, to give him the maximum physical and psychic well-being: baths, pesticide and medical baths, lacrimation or cut nail cleaning ears.                     
Calm, professionalism, and so much passion allow us to transmit serenity and harmony to the dog or cat.                     
In our grooming we use the best products of the highest quality to always ensure maximum well-being, respect the epidermis and not alter normal PH. In the case of atopic dermatitis, presence of parasites or other special disorders we proceed with the medical and / or pesticidal bath. In this case, products that are involved in these disorders are used, also following the specifics of your veterinarian. The bath also eliminates any knots and helps the skin to be healthy. The actual grooming or shaving will be evaluated and agreed upon by our chef who, with the owner, respecting the morphology of the subject, will know the best.